Will you walk in to my parlour

Said the spider to the fly

These are well known lines from a famous poem by Mary Howitt. But if you are a fly or an arachnophobe, or even a mosquito as you will soon learn, you should know better than to accept the kind and tempting invitation.

Speaking of arachnophobes, remember Ron in the forbidden forest with Aragog. Poor guy. And what would happen if Peter Parker were to develop arachnophobia? WoW! Would he be terrified of his alter ego, Spider Man? Oh, how tangled would that web be?

All this talk of spiders and webs must have clued you into what Nina and Nana are discussing today. We have a lot of malaria and dengue creating havoc during the early monsoons in Mumbai. So Lavanya and I were tickled to learn about this Greek town, where there was a sudden increase in dense and beautiful spider webs covering plants and palm trees, because there was a sudden increase in spider food, AKA mosquitoes.


Image obtained from sky news

So Nina came to the obvious conclusion about how she could protect herself from deadly disease carrying mosquitoes hovering in her garden, but of course Nana is not pleased with her solution. Read all about it.


To be fair, scissors or no scissors, I wouldn't want to wade through a thick cluster of sticky cobwebs either.

You can read Lavanya's take here.

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