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You've all heard of twins, and most of you must have heard of conjoined twins as well. In the animal kingdom, conjoined twins sometimes manifest as two-headed animals. So perhaps multi headed monsters are just misunderstood beings.

Thelma and Louise was a two headed turtle born in the San Antonio zoo over a year ago. It is a mutant turtle, but not of the ninja variety named after famous renaissance artists. The two headed turtle is probably named after the movie Thelma And Louise.

Unfortunately the two-headed turtle died a few months ago and Nina is sad. But Nana can only think of his appetite.

He is salivating over the possibility of mock turtle soup. Does that ring a bell? Remember Alice In Wonderland. According to Wikipedia

Traditionally, mock turtle soup takes the parts of a calf that were not frequently used and often discarded, including the head, hooves, and tail; and uses the non-muscular meat to imitate turtle meat. Tenniel's illustration shows the Mock Turtle with the body of a turtle, and the head, hooves, and tail of a calf. The complicated pun, then, is both word-play and picture-play.


Now that's yet another mutant turtle for you. And you guys al ready know just how much I love puns! Dont't miss the school and tortoise/taught us pun when you read that Wikipedia article. Now over to Nina and Nana, and all they have to say about Thelma and Louise:


You can read Lavanya's take here.

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