Yewww Who


Isn't producing milk the domain of mammals alone? Apparantly not. Just check out the milk aisle at the supermarket. You'll find, rice milk, soy milk and almond milk, to say the least. So plants have long encroached in to this mamalian territory, but recently we found out that so have insects. Have you ever heard of cockroach milk? So if almond milk is made by crushing almonds in a blender, then cockroach milk... Yeewww gross. Don't even go there.

Actually cockroach milk is more like mamalian milk than like almond milk. A particular subspecies of cockroach called Diploptera punctata or the Pacific beetle cockroach does not lay eggs, but directly gives birth to its young and feeds them the milk crystals it secretes, much like mamalian moms.

A while ago cockroach milk was seen as a possible superfood, sort of like the new broccoli. However, this article claims that, while cockroach milk is not a practical superfood for various reasons, it could be very useful in making medicines.

Read on to see what Nina and Nana have to share about this delectable culinary delight.


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