Introducing Nina And Nana


A not so long time ago, in the blogosphere, I met Lavanya. I have made friends in the blogosphere before, and rather good ones. But this was different. We started regularly exchanging banter on WhatsApp, punning and pulling each other’s legs.

Seeing how much we enjoyed wasting time together, we decided to put it to good use. I know what you are thinking. Oxymoron! That takes all the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

Well, we discovered it doesn’t. Lavanya suggested the idea of a daily comic strip, where we share our brilliant wit with the world. I know. Modesty is not our strong suit. But what can you do? Nobody’s perfect. We continue to discuss curious facts in a light hearted way. But now we get to do it in the costumes of Nina and Nana. No prizes for guessing which one of us champions which character.

Okay, but you’re not just guessing for the prizes are you? No, of course not. Guessing is fun, and who can resist?

So, am I the sprightly and bubbly Nina or grumpy and grouchy Nana? Share your verdict in the comments section.

Don’t forget to join us on twitter, or facebook, or right here on the blog to check out what Nina and Nana have to say. You can find them on Lavanya's blog too.

They are the perfect accompaniment to your morning jolt of caffeine and calories, or for a quite giggle to be enjoyed in solitude on you way to work. If you are not a morning person, they will be happy to entertain you during your mid morning chai at the office break room, or at home, when everyone has finally left you in peace.

If you have any suggestions for what Nina and Nana should quip about, they are always welcome in the comments section.

Nina and Nana will debut on 28th May 2018.


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