Happy Mother's Day


Here are two poems I wrote for mother's day

The Tug-Of-War That Is Parenting

I am walking

On a narrow path

With you

In my arms.

Every fork

is a dilemma

for an anxious mama

There is no right way

Or so they say

But they all worry

Isn't that funny?

Steep cliffs on either side

I must keep my balance

What is down below

I do not know

I'm too scared to look,

In to the abyss on either side.

You think there are trampolines,

May be you are right.

You say you read it in a book.

If I let you go,

You say you'll bounce back.

Yet I can't do it,

Your conviction, I lack.

You say you've grown wings,

You need to explore.

Those wings are too weak,

I say, let me hold you some more.

Yes your wings are strong now,

I must let go.

I am out of excuses,

It is time for you to soar.

As I loosen my grip,

It is harder than I thought.

I grown accustomed to the bond,

And I miss it a lot.

The Magic Of Mischief

The twinkle in your eye,

Tells a tale

Of mischief and mayhem

I am a deer

caught in a spell

cast by a bright light.

As the plot unravels

I smile

I can't help it.

Like the deer.

Tags: parenting, love, poetry