One by One, Down to the Last One


Cover image by Bradyn Trollip on Unsplash

How long can you tap dance your way around a raging fire unscathed? Sooner or later, it will burn you.

One by One, Down to the Last One

From headscarves

to dietary rules,

the ones we have elected

take us for fools.

And rightly so,

when we cheer them on,

as one by one,

our freedoms are gone

They tell us what to eat.

They tell us how to dress.

We live in the age of

'bulldozer express'

Justice now works.

Justice is swift.

Bulldozers heal,

every social rift

Can Bulldozers really do that?

No doubt!

Bulldozers are effective,

crushing all who speak.

They advertise the silence,

as the golden age of peace.

Today they harass those,

they taught us to hate

but can hunger for power

ever, ever satiate?

They chip away at communities

one by one,

manufacturing problems,

where there were none.

Inevitable it is,

that they turn on you.

What else can they do,

when there’s none but you?

The fire of hate

is indiscriminate.

None are immune.

It will consume,

even the hearts

that stoke it

Tags: contemporary, values, education, politics, social, poetry, prejudice