Dunkin' Dozenuts


Image from Giphy

27th of July is National Sleepy Head Day. Yeah that's an actual thing, and quite scary for night owls like me with hydrophobia.

Apparently, if you are the last one in your family to wake up that day, you get dunked in a lake or even in the sea. If your family is more compassionate you may merely have a bucket of cold water poured over you while you are half asleep.

On this day you delinquent kids can squirt you with powerful water guns while you doze, without fear of being reprimanded.

And guess what? No good deed goes unpunished in Finland, for sure. Every year a celebrity who had done good for the city of Naantali gets dunked without warning. So if you are a celebrity there you await the dreadful morning in fear every year knowing that sooner or later your time will come.


Nana of course is exaggerating. It's only at the poles, that night lasts for a whole 6 months. But did you know that the sun does not rise above the horizon for 51 days in the northernmost part of Finland? Perhaps Nana will be happy sleeping for 51 days. In southern Finland, things are slightly better. The shortest day there is 6 hours long. No wonder the Finnish want to make the most of the sunshine they get in summer and don't look kindly upon sleepyheads.

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