No Is For Nod


Image from Giphy

When I went to the US for grad school, every time I told someone I was from India, I was asked about the famous Indian head bobble. I wonder why this particular Indian practice got so famous. Perhaps because it baffles non Indians.

But you think the head bobble is misleading, then how about them Bulgarians, eh? They shake for yes and nod for no. Now that's just diabolical. You won't even know some thing's fishy. You'll just have the wrong answer with a straight face.

Well, really, it's all your fault for making baseless assumptions. I mean, who says a head shake has to be a no, and a nod has to be a yes? Not Indians for sure. We know there are so many more degrees of freedom and loads of fun stuff we can do with our heads.

Nina has decided to use this Bulgarian factoid to come up with a fun riddle to annoy Nana. I don't know why Nina puts in so much effort and creativity in to finding new ways of bugging Nana. All she has to do is breathe around him. But you guys know, she does all of this just to entertain you. So three cheers for Nina. Hip hip ...

If you are familiar with Harry Potter, and you followed any of my earlier rambling, you should be able to figure out the answer to the riddle, but do you agree with Nana'a biting comeback?


You can read Lavanya's take here.

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