Clone Wars


Image from Giphy

So if someone asked you wast the largest organism on earth is many of you would probably say, "That's easy. It's the blue whale." And you'd be wrong. The blue whale is the largest animal on earth, but organism has a slightly different definition and right now the animals are no competition for mushrooms and trees. The thing is we are talking about a cluster of connected genetic clones, and in case of the trees they have a single root system. Remember the clone army from Star Wars. Now you are getting an idea of the size.

The Pando is a cluster of aspen trees ranging from a few inches to 30 meters tall consists of 47000 clones spanning over 100 acres. What's more, these may be over a 80000 years old making it one of the world's oldest living organisms, probably older than Nina thinks even Nana is ;)

But today the Pando is in danger from mules and herbivores, and of course us humans are indirectly responsible. Aren't we always? Read all about the threat to one of the oldest and largest living organisms on earth here.

But did you know that Nana is terrified of clones? Read on to find out why.


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