Bananas About Berries


When studying physics in in middle school, I learned that there were English words and then there were Physics words or terminology, which sounded just like English words but had a different meaning. For example work in Physics has a very specific definition for work which may or may not coincide with the English definition in any particular case.

But Botany is even more bizarre. You probably know that although tomatoes are sold as vegetables, they really are fruits. But did you know that green beans, squash, capsicums and cucumbers are technically fruits too?

But here is something truly wacky. Bananas, kiwis, watermelons and avocado are berries, while raspberries, and strawberries are not berries as per the botanical definition. Go figure. As Obelix would say, These Botanists are crazy.

Read on to see how Nina uses this bizarre fact to annoy Nana


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