Slither Dither


Image obtained from Feedy TV

Ever been to Snake Island? I bet you haven't. Nina and Nana have something to say that makes me quite certain. Unless, of course, you are a poacher with a death wish.

Ilha da Queimada Grande, AKA Snake Island, located off the coast of Brazil, in the Atlantic ocean, is the only home to the golden lancejhead pit viper, a critically endagered snake, technically known as borthop insularis.

Around eleven thousand years ago, sea levels rose in this area, cutting off the island from the mainland. These snakes, that survive on a diet of birds, had to adapt to their new living conditions, where food was scarce. Their venom became more potent, so as to be able to stop birds from flying away soon after being bitten. Their venom is so concentrated, it can melt human skin! Yikes!

The island is literallty crawling with snakes, supporting arround 5 large lethal snakes per square meter, and is too dangerous for humans to visit. So humans are officially prohibitted from setting foot on the island. However, this does not stop some poachers with a death wish. Although the risks are high, so are the rewards in the lucrative balckmarket.

Sounds like a frightful place, and yet Nana is jealous of the snakes. Any guesses why? Over to Nina and Nana.


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