Mountains Out Of Snail Hills


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Ever heard of the expression, Making mountains out of molehills? Well there were actually mountains that rose from snail hills. And these are none other than the mighty Himalayas. Did you know that the Himalayas started forming only about 65 million years ago, probably after all the dinosaurs were dead. So the dinos never saw Everest!

As the Indo-Australian plate, pushed against the Eurasian plate, the Himalayan mountains rose from land which was once under the Tethys sea, and as the Indo-Australian plate continues to move northward today, the Himalays gain a few millimeters of height every year.

So now it should be no huge surprise to you that fossilised bones of the world's oldest whale was discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas and that fossils of snails called ammonites and other marine life have been found on Himalayan peaks.

So lets see what Nina and Nana have to say on this intriguing subject.


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