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Bummed with all the mosquitoes buzzing around? Monsoon is here and with stagnant water collecting everywhere, mosquitoes have hit the breeding jackpot. It won't be long before malaria and dengue start wreaking havoc. Ashwini Menon, therefore requested a Nina and Nana cartoon about mosquitoes. When we delved in to the subject we learned a lot of interesting things. So thanks Ashwini!

In researching the subject we came across this article claiming that some mosquitoes are developing a tolerance for DDT, the toxic pesticide that is most effective against them. In fact many insects tend to develop such a tolerance. Besides DDT is basically a problem and adversely affects human health to. It has been linked with diabetes and hormonal disruptions. Use of DDt is banned in some countries.

However reading this article made me think of our second Nina and Nana cartoon. The one where Nana tells Nina about drug resistant bacteria. We have used our ingenuity to come up with several effective ways to curb the intensity and spread of diseases. Most bacterial infections ceased to be life threatening with the discovery of antibiotics. Similarly mosquito repellents significantly curbe dthe spread of infections like malaria and dengue. But through paranoia and over use we are rendering these valuable innovations ineffective.

See what Nina and Nana have to say.


On the bright side, when it comes to mosquitoes, while our chemical weapons of mass destruction are failing us, scientists have found a new and creative way to counter the threat. Male mosquitoes infected with a particular bacteria become sterile. However they can still mate, but the eggs do not hatch.

Recently scientists in California have released 20 million such sterile monsquitoes to decimate the numbers of the next generation.

Don't worry Nina. The scientists haven't given up! Infected sterile mosquitoes are coming to your rescue. Yeesh, that does sound bad. Perhaps they need a better slogan. Care to suggest one in the comments section?

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