Circadian Circus


Image from Giphy

When the dinosaurs walked the earth over 60 million years ago, many mammals were nocturnal. But after the meteorite hit Mexico and vanquished their mighty reign of terror, the mammals were finally able to emerge from their hidey holes, breathe free, and even bask in the glorious sunlight.

But it seems like those carefree days are coming to end. A new terrifying monster has taken over as the dominant species and is frightening mammals back in to their nooks and crannies, so they have to wait for the cover of darkness to forage for food and water. Yes I am talking about us humans. Our bodies may be fragile compared to some badass dinosaurs, but our machines, weapons and life style of mass destruction, make us bipeds quite terrifying to animals.

While some animals have been able to easily capitalise on their evolutionary past and adapt to nocturnal life, other species like sun bears, that have come to rely on sunlight are finding it difficult to make the switch.

Even nature lovers who simply go on hikes or camping trips, and pose no danger to animals, are percieved as a threat. The animals shy away from coming out during the day in their presence.

We do not yet know what the long term effects of the changes in the behavorial patterns of these animals are and how it will effect complex ecosystems. So what can we do?

In areas where animals are suffering the worst effects of our intrusion, perhaps we can let them have a few hours of daylight by satying out of their way.

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