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Football fans are known for their fervor and enthusiasm. Soccer is religion for many. Nina and Nana will tell you why soccer enthusiasts are a force to reckon with. Fan or not, you are not going to escape their influence, not even the mighty earth can. Read all about it.


Holy smokes! Was what I said to Lavanya, when we saw this article. I guess my reaction would have been more appropriate, if there had been a volcanic eruption, instead of an earthquake. The article reports that when the Mexican team scored a goal against Germany in an early world cup match, the fans jumped for joy, causing the seismographs to record tremors.

The fans actually caused the earth to quake. Amazing!

Tonight, at 7:30 pm, Mexico plays against Sweden in a group match, and if they win, they come out at the top of the group. Imagine the tremors that will cause! Dear Earth and it's residents, brace yourself for a possible Mexican victory. After all Mexi Can!

You can read Lavanya's take on the cartoon here.

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