Replacement Unwanted


This strip was inspired by this article in The New Yorker. According to the article, in Japan there is a company called Family Romance, that allows you to rent family members to attain closure after a sudden death, to combat loneliness, or as a form of therapy. As bizarre as it sounds, it works well for some people.

The goal of the company is to help with difficult transitions, particularly after traumatic events, and give people time to adjust slowly to change, or to help them come to terms with pent up emotions.

The company does not care for clients to get too dependent on substitute family members, but tries to help them cope with problems and get through them, in a way that therapy is supposed to.

Do read about the various unusual roles played by the actors of the company ranging from ex-wives, estranged children to even bosses or employees, and find out about the intriguing challenges they face in playing these emotionally charged roles.

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