Solar Sailor


Some time ago scientists discovered, that spinach protiens and bacteria can be used to harness solar power. Photosynthesis is a natural process that has evolved to harness solar power, so why not? Biohybrid solar cells were created, and the Popeye cartoon suddenly made a lot more sense to Lavanya and me. Could he be guzzling spinach to power up his solar cells?

But new research shows that although spinach does a good job, it can't keep up with our rising demands for efficiency. So how about some spinach with blackberry sauce. Now we're talking. That sounds a lot more tasty too. Recent research has shown that adding blackberry dye to the spinach protiens makes the solar cells significantly more efficient. So the new Popeye song should be

I'm Popeye the sailor man

Glugging spinach from a can

Adding blackberry garnish

Makes me strong to the finish

I'm Popeye the solar man

Tyu tyu

You can find Lavanya's take on the subject, and read about her spinach battles with her mom here.

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