Trash Or Treasure


When plastics first starting flooding the market, they seemed like the wonder material. Plastic is cheap, easy to produce, waterproof, rust proof, durable, and hardy. Absolutely perfect, isn't it? Lasts for ever.

Ironically, that has become a major problem. Now our landfills are so crowded with plastic trash, that it is overflowing in to our rivers and seas and choking aquatic life.

In states like Maharashtra, the problem is so far out of control that the government has had to take drastic measures, like banning most plastic products.

Yet, plastic is not the only non-biodegradable material. Glass and some other materials too take so long to degrade, that for practical purposes they might as well be non-biodegradable.

So in order to solve the trash crisis, it is not enough to stop using plastics. We must also recycle glass and metal products.

See what happens when Nina gets too enthusiastic about recycling.


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Learn about how glass is recycled in the video below.

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