Prickly Problem


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Today is the anniversary of the day the first rabies vaccine was used on a human being. On 6th July 1885 the first rabies vaccine was administered to 9 year old Joeseph Meister, who had been mauled by a rabid dog. Joeseph then continued to live till 1940.

Nina and Nana think it's a good day to spread awareness about vaccines.

Over the years many many vaccines have been developed against tetanus, hepatitis, small pox, measels and many deadly diseases. These vaccines have saved innumerable lives. Kids upto the age of 5 are now administered several vaccines for polio, influenza, whooping cough, menengitis and many other lethal infections. It is essential that parents adhere to the vaccination schedule because

A prick in time saves lives

And I am not just talking about the safety of individual people or children. Vaccinations are important for societies as a whole to remain healthy and protected from deadly infectious diseases.


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Learn about how vaccines work in the video below.

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