My Theme For The A To Z Blogging Challenge


I'll be participating in the A to Z blogging challenge this April, for the first time. Sounds daunting, yet exciting. Wish me luck! I am counting on your support.

And now for the big theme reveal

As many of you know I write for Women's Web, and they prompted me to explore a host of women's health and social issues. The knowledge I gained in the process has helped me to explore many more women's health isuues on my own blog. I have also done a few articles on the subject for momspresso, where I began my blogging journey.

Recently, I have also published a novella for teens inspired by my own experience with appendicitis called When She Fought Her Fears available through amazon India and amazon USA.

So when it came to choosing a theme for the A to Z blogging challenge, I decided upon women's health issues. These are going to cover various health conditions that are unique to women related to menstruation, pregnancy, female reproductive organs, feminine hygiene, breast feeding, menopause, etc. I will also look into some other health conditions that occur in both genders, but in these cases, I will focus on what is different about the way women are affected by them.

Learning together

As an ex-physicist I love learning and researching stuff, and as a little bit of a hypochondriac, I have always been motivated to research health issues. So here goes nothing. I have lots to share and a lot more to learn and I look forward to going on this journey with you.

I am hoping for input and feedback from you all my readers. I wish my fellow bloggers luck with this challenge and look forward to reading their posts. A special mention for my friends Akshata and Lavanya. I know you are going to blog about very different subjects and have very different styles but I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the variety.

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