A Colored Perception


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We often attribute different qualities to different colors. But is it possible that our artistic perception of certain colors is having an adverse effect on individuals and society at large?

A Colored Perception

I wanted to know, so

I asked some kids

If Evil has a color

Tell me what it is

"BLACK!" Most shouted

They told me why it was so

I’m listing the reasons

So you too may know

Black is the night

despised and feared

while white is the light

pure and revered

Idioms and phrases

they tell a tale

of villains dark

and heroes pale

In the black night

When evil does brew

Dark forces seduce

those mean and untrue


Black magic

Black sheep

Black is tragic

Evil treacherous cruel dirty

Misfortune death and depravity

Black symbolizes

all forms of misery

The list made me wonder

Does this perception of black and white

Affect the way we judge people

with skin dark or light?

Does our fear of the black night

deceptive and unknown

Affect the way that we see people

differing in skin tone?

This poem was written based on some thoughts I had when I noticed how villains like Voldemort and Darth Vader are shown cloaked in black, while white knights are depicted as heroes. I did some research to find out if there were any studies on the subject and I came across this article in the Scientific American.

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