Dwindling Greenery


A couple of weeks ago, we moved in to a new apartment. There were a myriad of things to take care of, and I was caught up in the niggling details of settling in to a new place. But the breathtaking view from the balcony, would remind me to slow down at regular intervals, drink in the fresh air, watch the rain and sip some tea. How many such breathtaking views are left to city dwellers, especially those living in a metropolis? The thought inspired this poem.

As I look down on the city

From a concrete monstrosity

The view down below

is surprisingly pretty

A green oasis where the cows graze,

though engulfed in a smoky haze,

is a sight to refresh the weary soul

on whom city life has taken its toll

A spot of pasture land stands alone

How long it’ll endure is unknown

Everyday it fights an endless battle

To survive development and feed its cattle

Once gone,

it’ll be gone for ever

leaving the city bereft

of one more treasure


Tags: poetry, environment