Mistress Of Munnar


This one was inspired by may latest trip to Munnar, where the mist was like an enchantment, calling me in to it's arms, blurring out all other thoughts. The pictures here are ones I took during the trip. The cell phone camera does not do justice to the flickering, changing, flowing, mesmerising beauty.

A swirling mist

of black and white,

churning visions

of grey delight.

Obscuring is a

many layered art.

Hiding is but,

the simplest part.

Misdirection and distraction

go hand in hand.

When the illussion satisfies

why bother to understand?

Who needs the clarity

of a bald mountain,

when one is shrouded

in shifting, mesmerizing, mist?

Even if ...

Even if ...

The mist were leading

straight off a cliff


The mist would never do that

Would it?

Would it?


Tags: poetry