Etched In Cement


Resentment sets like cement. There is a short window of time before it hardens. In the words of Dumbledore, use it well.

Etched In Cement

The past can be forgotten

wiped clean, rewritten too,

But there is a time frame

For which this is true

Any interaction is like

a footprint on cement,

Something to remember

the next time you vent

Shout or cry

sulk or sigh

But wipe out the print

before the cement is dry

Insensitive words

Thoughtless acts

Miscommunication and

Misinterpreted facts

Anger and hurt,

back and forth they flow.

But let in the draft and

resentment has nowhere to go.

Chilled and hardened,

bitter resentment,

lives forever in the

unyielding cement

Tags: relationships, poetry