Flawed Fight For Freedom


Cover created by modifying photo by mymind on Unsplash

The Indian freedom movement had many flaws, but perfection wasn't their dream, freedom was. A mass scale movement of that size is bound to be flawed if it is real. And our freedom movement was very much real with participants from a spectrum of economic, social, religous and cultural backgrounds.

The Flawed Fight For Freedom

The freedom movement

wasn’t flawless.

Was it supposed to be?

It wasn’t a scripted movie.

It was harsh reality.

The participants were human

bound to err and stumble,

experimenting and improvising

they kept up the struggle.

With no single language,

religion, or culture to unite,

they found a way to come together,

and keep up the good fight.

Sometimes they disagreed.

Sometimes they bickered.

Different methods were favored,

but their goal never wavered.

Resentments existed.

Pride and politics too.

But the goal was freedom,

and that everyone knew.

To be able to contribute,

without weapons or training,

encouraged many to join in,

their numbers steadily rising.

Until it became a movement,

so incredibly overwhelming,

The bonds between members,

rapidly strengthening.

Finally these bonds

came to dominate,

and many a barrier

they did obliterate,

even if only for a moment.

Freedom we got,

but something else too,

a glimmer of what we could be,

if only we chose to.

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