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When speech isn't free and voices are crushed, we're ...



the coping mechanism

of society

rife with strife.

Who cares

about today's lies;


everybody dies.

Don't want to hear it.

Nothing I can do,

will make any difference, so

shut up, won't you?

Hate in our hearts,

we go for each other's throats,

fighting over cows and goats

oblivious to the

vultures who gloat.

Waiting and watching,

biding their time,

they swoop down like cowards,

when the pickings are prime.

As our humanity slips away,

silence nibbles our soul, and

when we can't cope with reality

we just choose not to see.

If we don't see it,

it doesn't exist,

will see us through the slow torture

to an apocalypse.

Tags: poetry, bias, values, prejudice, ethics, social, women