The Eloquent Pendulum


Cover image by Nastia Ligrain on Pexels

The pendulum is an elegant model studied in increasing degrees of complexity from middle school to college physics. But its damped oscillations serve as an insightful metaphor in understanding human emotions and societies at large. Through introspection, we can limit overreaction and work towards peace and stability.

Medium Rare

Left to right the pendulum swings

first gaining then losing momentum.

Unfortunately, each time it speeds

past the point of equilibrium.

Each time it loses some amplitude

to resistance of the medium.

Each cycle makes us hope it will,

eventually stop at equilibrium.

How long it takes, only depends

on the resistance of the medium.

Harder the medium fights extremism,

sooner it settles into equilibrium.

The smaller the oscillation,

lesser the conflict and tension,

so people can work together,

towards a harmonious solution.

The medium must resist

the extremism temptation,

and quickly curb the amplitude

of each wild oscillation.

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