Up And Down, Round And Round


Cover image by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

The cycle of history, repeats endlessly, so if you don’t like what you see, know that it will soon be, replaced by the next eventuality.

The Blight

Take a deep breath

and sit tight.

We’ve done all we can,

to rid ourselves of the blight.

Despite our efforts,

it will continue to spread.

Our minds are frustrated,

our souls full of dread.

One by one,

all that we trust

and have taken for granted,

crumbles to dust.

What’s worse,

it has come to be expected.

Chip by chip,

all we have built,

is falling apart,

but we are saved by

our hardened heart.

Each new absurdity

Each new atrocity

Is just another news cycle,

boosting our immunity,

to our struggling humanity.

So the blight is here to stay.

Posture, lecture, preach and bray,

until its spell wears away

and we see the light of day

Then take a deep breath

and get to work ....

Rebuild the broken bridges,

and guardian institutions,

revive our democracy,

and recover our humanity.

The cycle repeats as,

hope follows hopelessness.

Change is the constant,

that drives hope and fear,

the hope to prevail and

the fear of losing what's dear.

Tags: values, social, poetry, contemporary, democracy