Emerging Identity

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About the Series

Nisha Ucchil, a science teacher living in suburban Mumbai, sometimes finds herself entangled in mysteries. With years of experience in working meticulously through tricky math and science problems, she finds that her logical and imaginative mind is well suited to detective work.

Housing societies, with multiple high-rise buildings are a microcosm of the city itself, where people of disparate upbringing and outlook co-exist in close proximity, their interactions involving a delicate blend of co-operation and conflict. It is in this rich and complex social environment, that Nisha usually tackles mysteries by peeling away layers of social prejudice to uncover startling truths.

The first book in the series is titled The Only Suspect and it can be found here.

The second book in the series is titled Free Fall, which is here.

About the Book

This is the third book in the Nisha Ucchil Series.

A beautiful and vivacious artist with a volatile temper is murdered. Cherian, the police officer in charge of the case, believes the prime suspect is innocent!

Nisha, a middle aged science teacher with a talent for solving logical puzzles, helps Cherian peel away the layers of Maithili’s complicated life in their quest to find her murderer. But is logic effective in tackling a mystery involving a tangle of raging emotions? Read on to find out.

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