The Inner Voice


I just finished the third book in the Detective Galileo series by Keigo Higashino. It is called A Mid Summer’s Equation. Just like in, The Devotion of Suspect X, (click here for full review), one of the important characters is a teen, and another is in her early twenties.

As much as these books are about perfect crimes, cover ups, suspense, twists and the thrilling, convoluted path to figuring out the truth, they are also about the burden on the soul of the perpetrator of a crime committed in a moment of desperation.

This poem was inspired by the books in the Detective Galileo series, particularly the third one, A Mid Summer’s Equation.

The Inner Voice

Ethical Dilemmas are quite inconsiderate

Some smack even those too young to face it,

with shoulders too narrow to bear the weight

of vital decisions that determine their fate

Life altering choices that haunt and chase

far beyond the years of the teenage phase

Lacking the experience to fully comprehend

the consequences that pursue right to the end

In the short term it is tempting

to choose the path that looks easy

No knowing that eventually

the need to be free

forces you to accept responsibility

The survival instincts

of fight and flight

wear themselves out

when without a doubt

the mind accepts

what the heart knows

To surrender to truth

is not one option, but

the only way to free

the soul from misery

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