Neel On Wheels


Book Details

Genre: Children, Disability, Humor, Adventure, Sports

Formats: Paperback

Ages: 1 to 10 years (Lowest level of the young readers books from Duckbill)

Pages: 22

Publisher: Duckbill

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Plot Synopsis

Neel On Wheels by Habib Ali, is picture book about that glass of lemonade. Is it half full, or half empty? Every kid wants wheels, and Neel has them. True it's not a cycle, or skates, or a car. It's a wheel chair, but it might as well be the bat mobile. Just like a superhero, Neel chooses to use his wheels for wild adventures.


  • The book shows that even though Neel is wheel chair bound, his life is just as normal, enjoyable and exciting as that of any other child. He can create a ruckus with his brother at home, go to the park, and even go swimming.

  • The book has gorgeous illustrations by Lavanya Karthik, that use vivid imagery to depict a child's wild imagination.


Imagination on overdrive!

Duckbill sent me this book for an honest review.

Thanks PlusMinus’N’More, for everything I learned from you about reviewing books.

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