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Why did the chicken cross the road, was the first poor joke or anti-joke I had ever heard. It was just awesome. Eagerly waiting for a climax, an anticlimax can be very ticklish. Who are we laughing at when we hear a poor joke. Ourselves, I guess, for being fooled and expecting some clever answer form the way the question is framed. Poor jokes have never failed to tickle me. to this day, way past my teenage years, I still thoroughly enjoy them.

The Wikipedia article about this century and a half old joke is quite interesting. I thought I had heard every variation of this joke, but then I saw my my favorite one yet in the Wikipedia article: Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? For those familiar with Möbius strips, the answer is obvious, of course. If you are not, then look it up. If you do share my fascination for Möbius strips, do read the sci-fi fantasy series about The Steerswomen, by Rosemary Kirstein.

In the mean time, a certain alligator in South Carolina, saw no reason why chickens should get all the attention when it comes to crossing roads. Look! Alligators can do it too, and safely at that. This model citizen, puts most of us to shame. Check out the awesome video of the alligator crossing the road at a crosswalk.

Nina and Nana, of course, had to add their two cents worth, and that's what you've been waiting for. So here it is. Enjoy, and remember, be like the alligator, and always cross at the crosswalk or a zebra crossing.


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