Growing Pains Is Back With A Bang


Some of you may have been wondering where the Growing Pains posts had disappeared to, all of a sudden. Well, I have some good news.

Growing Pains has been published by Rubric publishing and the paperback is now available in India through amazon. Hooray!

I know many of you like to make your book purchases through amazon. So what are you waiting for? Here is the purchase link for the book.

It's the same old Growing Pains you remember, but so much easier to buy! Not painful at all.

About The Book

Thirteen-year-old Tara, is in a new school in a new town, and she is feeling very sick. It turns out that she needs an emergency appendectomy. This is a story about her anxiety before the surgery, the hurdles she faces during recovery, and amusing visits from quirky friends and well wishers.

At the same time, Tara finds herself attracted to a boy from her class. It's the first time she has ever had a crush. Plagued by confusing emotions and hormones, Tara tries to figure out this new, befuddling and complicated world.

Who is Kanika G?

I know I have been camera shy to the extent that it left some people wondering if Kanika G is really a man. Well, you need to wonder no more. Here is a link to the video of me, and yes I assure you it is me, speaking at the book launch, about how I ended up writing Growing Pains. The book was launched by Gautum Benegal and you can see him in the video too!


Here are what some Mom bloggers and bibliophiles have to say about the book. Who would know better, right?

Review by Aesha Shah on her personal blog

Review by Lakshmi Mitter on her books blog

Review by Akshata Ramesh on goodreads

Review by Pooja Jagtiaani, the first review from a doctor.

Review by Namrata Sadhvani on Momspresso

Review by Priya Bajpai on her blog.

Read the various amazon reviews here



I was interviewed by Ashwini Menon from #AuthorChatter about Growing Pains. Check out the interview here.

Interview by Priya Bajpai on her blog.

A Big Thank You

I want to thanks Lakshmi Mitter and Aesha Shah for reviewing my book within 3 days of it's release. Your reviews have gone a long way towards making people aware of the book. and I must thak Lavanya, my partner in the Nina and Nana comics, for her encouraging feedback which came so soon after the book was out.

Maria Schnieder recommended my ebook on her blog just a few days after it was out. Thanks so much Maria for sharing the book and for years of useful tips about writing and self-publishing.

I also want to thanks Lakshmi for interviewing me about the Tania Series.

Danielle from Free Kids Books has shared wonderful feedback about the Tania series, and through her site I have reached may little girls and boys, who may never have seen my stories otherwise.

A very long time ago, Uncle OO and Menaka Sankaralingam from Plus Minus 'N' More, after reading some of my Tania books, saw some hidden potential in me, and encouraged me to publish a novel, and here I am today. Thanks Menaka and Uncle OO for believing in me. Plus Minus 'N' More was also the first site to publish an in depth interview with me.

Finally, I must thank the two wonderful supportive communities that gave me the confidence to become a writer. Shavet from Momspresso, then mycity4kids, recognized my potential as a blogger after I had barely written 3 blog posts. She has always encouraged me, and for that I am grateful to her.

Sandhya from Women's Web too has encouraged me and helped me hone my writing skills.

Both Momspresso and Women's Web are not merely platforms, but wonderful communities where women support, encourage and bring out the best in each other.

Thank you Free Kids Books, Plus Minus 'N' More, Momspresso and Women's Web for giving me opportunities to shine.

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