The stories in The Tania series are plausible experiences of a little girl. Tania is curious, expressive and thoughtful. Through her eyes, the simplest of experiences are exciting. Your children can easily relate to Tania.

The stories are set in contemporary Mumbai. Tania belongs to a middle class family and lives in a typical housing society. Her parents try to instil in her, values, that are important to them. Consequently, Tania learns to be compassionate, sensitive, generous and loving. She also learns to be adventurous, enterprising and resourceful.

As the series progresses, Tania grows and the stories gradually become more complex, so remaining appealing to her audience who grows with her.

I believe that children's stories are a great way to stretch your child's vocabulary. Your child can get the gist of a story, without understanding every word in it. As the story is read many times over, the child will understand the meanings of the new words, from the context in which they are used.