Santa: A Mother's Free Pass To Indulge Her Kids


I love the concept of Santa. Apart from the magic that surrounds it, the joy it brings my kids, and the delight in their sparkling eyes, as soon as they wake up on Christmas morning, it is my free pass to indulge my babies without being accountable.

I stuff their stockings with everything they love, candy, junk food, stationery, silly little toys etc. At our home, Christmas day is about smudging the bottom line and loosening up on the rules and restrictions.

"Mama, can I eat all those chocos, chocolate, and candy?" the wide-eyed little one asks.

"Well, yes, I suppose so, since Santa gave it to you."

And the best part is, my children don't think I am spoiling them. Only Santa can overrule the daily and weekly limits set on junk food. So this is not Mama spoiling the kids, but the jolly, chubby indulgent old man dressed in white and red. The one that makes the very air light up with magic, and travels the world overnight on a reindeer sleigh making kids and their moms smile.


We also keep milk and cookies for Santa. And what's more, the kids go to sleep early just in case Santa comes early and finds that they are awake and decides to skip them. Of course, he never does but it is a great motivator.

Then when the kids go to sleep, Mama and Papa get to enjoy warm milk and cookies on a chilly night, cuddle and chat about the wonderful babies we created from nothing. Talk about magic! We reminisce about all the funny and adorable things they do and recall the cutest moments from the last year.

Then once we are quite sure the babies are fast asleep, we sneak in to the room and take out the stockings. We stuff them with goodies till they are about to burst. We polish off any left over edible goodies. Hey parents get to indulge too :)

On Christmas morning the kids are up earlier than usual, eager to get to their gifts, bubbling with curiosity about what forbidden pleasures Santa has showered upon them this time. Their eyes sparkle with mischeif, as they tear open the wrappings on each little gift, because they think Santa has outwitted Mama once again. I, of course, coudn't be happier, but I try to keep that feeling secret so the babies can gloat,


Santa rarely gets the kids anything expensive, but the fact that they are not allowed to indulge as much on any other day of the year makes the loot priceless as far as they are concerned.

The best part is, this happens only once a year, so all this is indulgence is miniscule, in the grand scheme of things, and yet, something to look forward to all year long for the munchkins as well as for me. It is a free pass for me to indulge my kids without any bad consequences. Hooray!

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you have a great holiday

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