Harappa Granpa


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Lavanya came across a most astonishing article yesterday in the Economic Times, and we simply had to build a Nina and Nana cartoon around it. New DNA evidence and research is upsetting all our well established theories about the Indus Valley Civilization, and to think, this was my favorite chapter from the history textbook in school.

Frankly, I did not believe it at first, and researched it some more. That's when I came across this older, more informative article. It explains how the scientists have come to these surprising conclusions. This older article does not have the news about the latest DNA evidence, which further verifies, it's conclusions. However, very little DNA was obtained, and one sample was contaminated. So watch out for news on this subject, to find out if the residents of Harappa and Indus Valley were native Indians and Persians, or invading Aryans, as we were originally taught.

So much to unlearn and relearn! But, very interesting wouldn't you say?


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