Universal Microwaves


So here is our first and much awaited Kids Special. This one was suggested by my very own little munchkin, Pell G. Some time ago we were making a scrap book about the solar system. At that time I told Pell about cosmic microwave background radiation, which was accidentally discovered by Penzias and Wilson, and it turned out to be a landmark evidence for The Big Bang Theory. You can read all about it here.

The thing that impressed Pell then was, that she thought there were microwaves, like the ones we heat our food in, in space. Then, I had to explain, that microwave radiation was an electromagnetic wave, much like light. And the microwaves that we use to heat food, emit microwave radiation. So this little factoid was well embedded in her head, and when she was trying to come up with a Nina and Nana joke, it popped out of the recesses of her memory.

Nina and Nana will tell you the joke Pell came up with, after Lavanya and I tweaked it just a tad. Pell is really looking forward to your comments.


Every Friday, we will post a kid friendly joke, that is both informative and giggle-worthy. We invite you to post any interesting, surprising fact your kid shared with you, in the comments section of any Nina and Nana post, on either of our (mine or Lavanya's) blogs, and we will try our best to create a cartoon centered around the factoid. When we post the joke on a Friday, we will credit your child and tag you, if you are okay with that. keep those facts coming.

You can Find Lavanya's post here.

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