The Lesser Evil


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This is a poem I wrote for myself.

The Lesser Evil

We flailed and raged against greed and corruption

Fed up with a government

thoroughly incompetent,

we demanded good governance for our nation

To punish the petty thieves, clowns and fools

We called in the efficient and ruthless goons

But a monster, once unleashed, serves nada

save it’s own mania and selfish agenda

As it turned out the goons weren’t efficient

at anything besides fooling their constituents,

which sufficed to keep them in power

as they turned our people bitter and sour

It took us seven long decades to feel

the deep and painful wound could heal,

if we put the past on the back burner

and worked towards a prosperous future

But those with manias can never let go,

they seethe and froth while others grow.

And in their anger they rip apart

every good feeling, in every heart

Today we stand divided

spewing venom and hatred.

Hooray we shamed and mocked petty thieves,

paid with butchered souls and hearts cleaved.

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