Safe And Found


Prompt: A secret place at your home, you didn’t know about.

“Tommy, when are you going to fix the drywall?” Molly asked. “It looks so ugly. The plumber fixed the leak a month ago.”

“Yes dear." Tommy sighed. "Having our own house is so much work. Remember when we just had to call the super and he’d take care of these problems.” Tommy grumbled.

“Yes honey. But we have a yard now. Though it would be nice to have a gym.”

“True indeed, and a pool table like the community room in the place we rented before. Anyway I’ll go break down the wall and fix it nicely.”

Molly heard a few thuds from the hatchet before Tommy shouted, “Molly. Come here. Just look at this.”

As Molly looked through the gaping hole in the wall, she almost fainted with surprise. Instead of seeing the back yard as she expected, she could see a tiny room full of canned goods and supplies. On the floor was a trap door. Molly urged Tommy to open it.

He did so cautiously, and saw that there was a ladder leading down into a basement room. They called out, but their voices echoed so much it frightened them. So they called the municipal authorities to investigate it.

It turned out to be a bomb shelter. A relic of the cold war. The long forgotten room had all the required permits and rightfully belonged to Molly and Tommy.

So they converted it in to a game room and gym!

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya done using the picture prompt they posted. Thanks Anshu and Priya for hosting this.

Tags: discovery, flash fiction, war, family, surprise, short story