Phobias & Fortitude

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This book contains 2 short stories. Princess Lemon & Her Yellow Shoes and Scared Out Of her Wits, both of which are suitable for 8 to 12 year old kids.

Princess Lemon & Her Yellow Shoes Kate has lots of shoes. She loves them all. All except a pair of pretty yellow sandals. She wants to throw the sandals away, but Mama won't let her do that. So she is very mean to the sandals. Then one day, she needs them for her Princess Lemon costume. But in a fit of anger she has thrown the shoes away. Will she get to be Princess Lemon? What happens to the poor yellow shoes? Are they squashed by a trash compacter? Read on to find out.

This story is illustrated by the 8 year old Mishti Shah who also illustrated The Mysterious Uncle Uh-Oh

Scared Out Of her Wits Shiv finds his friend Kaira draped over the stinky society dumpster. Intrigued, he taps her to find out what is going on. But the look of terror on her face frightens him. What could have happened to make her so scared? Read on to find out.

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Tags: crisis, adventure, fear, childrens book, friendship